About project

Project Dwarf is a new observing campaign focused at detection of substellar companions to low-mass (composed of late-type, sd or/and WD components) detached eclipsing binaries using minima timing.

The crucial condition for the object selection for this campaign is possibility to determine times of the minima with high precision. This is naturally fullfilled for eclipsing binaries with deep and narrow minima or systems hosting a WD component showing fast ingress or egress.

The sample of the eclipsing systems (~ 30 Northern-sky objects) have orbital periods in range of 0.1 to almost 3 days and their brightness (V = 11-15 mag) fits possibilities of small telescopes with apertures of 20-80 cm equipped with a low-end CCD camera (e.g. SBIG, Apogee, FLIā€¦) and at least VRI filter set. Such kind of telescopes allow us to develope observing network including also amateur astronomers.

If you are interesting to participate in this project please contact one of the contact persons.