[RP2006] 2180


Equatorial coordinates
α = 82.020135 ± 0.138000| 05 28 04.832447
δ = -68.996399 ±  0.164900| -68 59 47.035236
Constellation Dorado
Symbiotic IR Type D’🡕
Spectral Type  
Magnitude range (V)  
Outbursts No


[RP2006] 2180 GSC TYC WRAY
SIMBAD [RP2006] J052804-685947 HIP SAO Hen
BD – IRAS  GAIA DR2 4658481645692123520 ESO
HD 2MASS J05280485-6859473 WISE J052804.82-685947.1 AAVSO


Right ascension (°) 82.020135 ± 0.138000ref Parallax (mas) Reddening E(B-V) (mag) 0.590 ± 0.136ref
Declination (°) -68.996399 ±  0.164900ref Distance (kpc) 49.97 ± 0.19ref    
Galactic longitude (°) 279.494696 ±  0.164900ref Proper motion in α (mas/yr) 1.282 ± 0.293ref    
Galactic latitude (°) -32.627123 ± 0.138000ref Proper motion in δ (mas/yr) 0.819 ± 0.311ref    


U (mag)   X-Ray   Flickering  
B (mag)   X-Ray type   Outbursts No
V (mag)   IUE No Type  
R (mag)   IRAS flux at 12 μm (Jy)   IPmax (eV)  
I (mag)   IRAS flux at 25 μm (Jy)   OVI lines  
G (mag) 18.08ref IRAS flux at 60 μm (Jy)      
J (mag) 15.75ref IRAS flux at 100 μm (Jy)      
H (mag) 14.77ref WISE W1 (mag) 11.02ref    
K (mag) 13.47ref WISE W2 (mag) 9.89ref    
L (mag)   WISE W3 (mag) 6.66ref    
    WISE W4 (mag) 4.78ref    
    Radio flux (mJy)      


Orbital period (days)   γ velocity (km/h)   Size of giant’s orbit (AU)  
Eccentricity   RV of giant (km/h)   Separation (AU)  
Inclination (°)   Inferior conj. of giant (JD)   Mass function  
Ephemeris type       Mass ratio  
Ephemeris T(JD)          

Cool component

Spectral type   Mass (M)   Pulsation  
Eff. temperature (K) 3848ref Radius (R)   Type  
IR type D’🡕, ref Luminosity (L)   Pulsation period (days)  
Metallicity [Fe/H]       Ephemeris type  
        Ephemeris T(JD)  

Hot component

Type/Spectra   Mass (M)   Spin period (min)  
Eff. temperature (K)   Radius (R)   Accretion disk  
Lower limit (K)   Luminosity (L)      
Upper limit (K)          


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Reid (2014) classified the star as a possible symbiotic star.


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