[RP2006] 803


Equatorial coordinates
α = 81.041292 ± 0.077100 | 05 24 09.910138
δ = -69.330007 ± 0.093300 | -69 19 48.023566
Constellation Dorado
Symbiotic IR Type S+IR🡕
Spectral Type M3 III
Magnitude range (V)  
Outbursts No


[RP2006] 803 GSC TYC WRAY
SIMBAD 2MASS J05240989-6919479 HIP SAO Hen
BD – IRAS  GAIA DR2 4658086306860163584 ESO
HD 2MASS J05240989-6919479 WISE J052409.90-691947.8 AAVSO


Right ascension (°) 81.041292 ± 0.077100 ref Parallax (mas) Reddening E(B-V) (mag) 0.949 ± 0.211ref
Declination (°) -69.330007 ± 0.093300ref Distance (kpc) 49.97 ± 0.19ref    
Galactic longitude (°) 279.954990 ± 0.093300ref Proper motion in α (mas/yr) 1.819 ± 0.146ref    
Galactic latitude (°) -32.914734 ± 0.077100ref Proper motion in δ (mas/yr) -0.048 ± 0.184ref    


U (mag)   X-Ray   Flickering  
B (mag)   X-Ray type   Outbursts No
V (mag) 18.81ref IUE No Type  
R (mag) 14.93ref IRAS flux at 12 μm (Jy)   IPmax (eV)  
I (mag) 14.90ref IRAS flux at 25 μm (Jy)   OVI lines  
G (mag) 16.55ref IRAS flux at 60 μm (Jy)      
J (mag) 12.63ref IRAS flux at 100 μm (Jy)      
H (mag) 11.59ref WISE W1 (mag) 10.93ref    
K (mag) 11.18ref WISE W2 (mag) 10.97ref    
L (mag)   WISE W3 (mag) 9.62ref    
    WISE W4 (mag) 8.83ref    
    Radio flux (mJy)      


Orbital period (days)   γ velocity (km/h)   Size of giant’s orbit (AU)  
Eccentricity   RV of giant (km/h)   Separation (AU)  
Inclination (°)   Inferior conj. of giant (JD)   Mass function  
Ephemeris type       Mass ratio  
Ephemeris T(JD)          

Cool component

Spectral type M3 IIIref Mass (M)   Pulsation  
Eff. temperature (K) 3480ref Radius (R)   Type  
IR type S+IR🡕, ref Luminosity (L)   Pulsation period (days)  
Metallicity [Fe/H]       Ephemeris type  
        Ephemeris T(JD)  

Hot component

Type/Spectra   Mass (M)   Spin period (min)  
Eff. temperature (K)   Radius (R)   Accretion disk  
Lower limit (K)   Luminosity (L)      
Upper limit (K)          


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Very strong MIR colors, late-type M3III continuum plus forbidden lines suggest a symbiotic or possibly an interacting LTS (Reid 2014).


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