Internal staff:

Rudolf Gális
associated professor
rudolf.galis at
+421 55 234 2241
room 38

Foundations of Astronomy
Foundations of Astrophysics
Theoretical Astrophysics I
Theoretical Astrophysics II
Structure and Evolution of the Universe
Special seminar in astronomy
High-energy astrophysics

Multi-wavelength investigation of the physical processes responsible for activity of interacting binaries (symbiotic and cataclysmic variables, near-contact binaries, etc.), with special attention for the mechanisms related to mass transfer between components of these binaries, using observation material obtained by ground based as well as space instruments.


Štefan Parimucha
associated professor
stefan.parimucha at
+421 55 234 2240
room 36

Introduction to Astronomy
Astronomical instrumentation
Variable and binary stars
Galactic and extragalactic astronomy
Computer astrophysics
Extrasolar planets
Special seminar in astronomy
Summer practice in astrophysics
Numerical methods of astrophysics

contacts and eclipsing binaries, extrasolar planets, light-curve modelling, study of period variations, software development for a CCD photometry and VO implementation

External staff:

Marek Husárik Teaching
Practice in Astronomy
Peter Gömöry Teaching
Solar physics
Marian Jakubík Teaching
Celestial mechanics
Theodor Pribulla Teaching
Physics of close binaries
Ján Svoreň Teaching
Interplanetary matter
Populations of the interplanetary bodies
Martin Vaňko Teaching
Planetary systems