If you are interested to study astronomy and astrophysics at our Faculty of Science you have several possibilities depending on the level of your education.

  1. If you are high-school student or if you want to study at university again you have to apply for a Bachelor’s study program Physics. The deadline for an application is generally March 30th. The study takes 3 years and you will obtain solid physical education covering theoretical as well as experimental subjects and programing skills. Although this program is general, you can select several astronomy related lectures. For more informations about admission and study  (in Slovak) please visit this page.
  2. If you have Bc degree (from our or from any other European university) you have to apply for a Master study program Theoretical physics and Astrophysics and choose astronomical lectures for your specialization.  The study takes 2 years. It is finished with a state final exam and the defense of a thesis. At this level you will obtain astronomical education comparable with the best universities all over the world, covering all basic fields of astronomy and astrophysics, like solar system, Sun, stars, their structure and evolution, galaxies and extrasolar planets, theoretical astrophysics, variable stars, extragalactic astronomy and cosmology as well as observational techniques and necessary software and programming skills. Practical astronomical observations at our observatory together with data reduction techniques are inseparable part of education. Students are involved in research by their master thesis. They part in several short and long-term practices at different observatories and institutes. For more informations about admission and study  (in Slovak) please visit this page.
  3. If you want to apply for a PhD study you have to be graduated (to be MSc) in astronomy or in physics and select and/or consult theme of  your PhD thesis with perspective supervisor. The study takes generally 4 years.  Doctoral students are strongly involved in research activities as well as in teaching. For more informations about PhD (in Slovak) please visit this page. Informations about admission process for an actual year are here.

Lectures are usually taken in Slovak language, but it is no problem to do it after agreement  in English. if you have any questions please contact us.