Course ID: UFV/UAS/13
Teacher: Štefan Parimucha
Recommended year/semester: 2/summer
Recommended for: all students of physics
Scope: 2/0
ECTS credits: 3
Brief description: This lecture is introductory course of astronomy and astrophysics for all students of the faculty. Basic mathematics and knowledges about physical laws are expected.
Recomended literature:

1. The subject of astronomy and astrophysics,  used methods, a brief history
2. Celestial coordinate systems in astronomy, aberration, refraction,  precession nutation, time, its measurements and calendar
3. Astronomical telescopes, measurement of brightness and obtaining of spectra
4. Solar system, creations, and evolution
5. Sun as a star
6. Planets and dwarf planets
7. Asteroids, comets, meteors
8. Basic properties of stars, magnitude, luminosity, temperature, masses
9. Composition and evolution of stars, spectral classification, HR diagram
10. Variable stars and their basic properties
11. Extrasolar planets
12 Our Galaxy – Milky Way
13. Evolution of the Universe cosmological models, dark energy and matter

Study materials: