Eclipsing binaries and pulsating variable stars

  • modeling of their light-curves from ground base and space observations
  • analysis of period variations – searching of other bodies in systems and mass transfer phenomena
  • study of pulsations of components
  • software development for a fast light-curve modeling – ELISA

Interacting binary stars

  • multi-wavelength investigation of the physical processes responsible for activity of interacting binaries
  • study of symbiotic and cataclysmic variables and near-contact binaries with special attention to the mechanisms related to mass transfer between components of these binaries
  • study of high energy phenomena in binaries  ground based as well as space instruments data analysis
  • Online database of symbiotic stars – NODSV

Extrasolar planets

  • transits light-curve analysis and parameters determination
  • follow-up photometric observations of exoplanet candidates
  • analysis of transit times variations
  • study of orbital stability in multi-planet and binary with planet systems

Virtual observatory

  • Slovak Virtual Observatory  – SKVO
  • implementation of VO protocols for photometric data
  • development of photometric pipeline for analysis of our observations and port them into VO – SPHOTOM
  • software development for a multi-platform data analysis of photometric and spectroscopic data from VO

Machine learning in astronomy

  • Application of machine learning methods on the study of eclipsing binaries