Diameter: 508mm

Focal length and ratio: 3454 mm – f/6.8

Type: Planevawe CDK20 – Corrected Dall-Kirkham

Mount: Paramount ME

Focal instruments:

  • CCD camera Moravian Instruments G4-16000 with UBVRI Bessell photometric filters (more details)
  • Shelyak LHires IiI spectrograph (more details)


Diameter: 152 mm

Focal length and ratio: 730 mm – f/4.8

Type: Explore Scientific MN-152 – Maksutov-Newton

Mount: Celestron CGEM

Focal instrument:

  • CCD camera Moravian Instruments G2-8300 with g’r’i‘ Sloan photometric filters (more details)